Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East

“…I read with interest and appreciation…a thoughtful and constructive contribution, timely and important.”

Noam Chomsky

Department of Linguistics and Philosophy,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Chomsky Named World’s Top Intellectual – October 18, 2005)

Summary: In the spring of 1992, well before the breakthrough Middle East peace agreements of 1993-1994, George Mullen authored a controversial article in the weekly Palestinian newspaper Al-Fajr entitled, “An Israeli-Palestinian Peace Proposal.” Mullen, being neither an Arab nor a Jew, provided a uniquely unbiased and highly detailed proposal for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that directly faced the most controversial issues – Palestinian statehood, the status of Jerusalem, the Jewish settlers, et al. Because the contents of the article stirred such strong emotions within both the Palestinian and Jewish communities, Mullen used it as the basis for Peace in the Middle East. This book outlined a realistic and comprehensive proposal for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

(Ican Press, 1994)

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